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CodeBreaker2018 walkthrough, Task 3 Connections

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While solving Task 1, we didn't reverse engineer the CID function. This time we will. Again, we'' be using Radare.


Looks like it uses epochtime, and then calls unnamed function. Most likely that's the OTP calculation.


Aha, looks like it is a SHA256 HMAC signature calculation. It uses the same secret key that we recovered in Task 2

cid = HMAC( 'IP_ADDR | OTP')

The full implementation of the function with the tests is here. Note that in our test cases we have used the IP address and the OTP values that we have recovered in Task 0 and Task 1.

All we need now is too look at the victim_information file to get the new values for IP address and OTP.


Then enter them as the input of the test case. Here is the example.

Let's run the model again with the new values.


The test case is failing, but we do now have the new CID value for the other victim. We can submit it now.


Let's got to Task 4

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